stroke [strōk]
[ME, akin to Ger streich, a stroke, OE strican: see STRIKE]
1. a striking of one thing against another; blow or impact of an ax, whip, etc.
a) a sudden action resulting in a powerful or destructive effect, as if from a blow [a stroke of lightning]
b) a sudden occurrence, often a pleasant one [a stroke of luck]
3. a sudden cerebrovascular failure usually caused by arteriosclerosis, hypertension, embolism, or hemorrhage and resulting variously in impaired vision and speech, coma, convulsions, paralysis, etc.
a) a single effort to do, produce, or accomplish something, esp. a successful effort
b) something accomplished by such an effort; feat
c) a distinctive effect or touch in an artistic, esp. literary, work
5. the sound of striking, as of a clock
a) a single movement, as with some tool, club, racquet, etc. [a stroke of the pen, a backhand stroke in tennis]
b) any of a series of repeated rhythmic motions made against water, air, etc. [the stroke of a swimmer, rower, etc.]
c) a type, manner, or rate of such movement [a slow stroke]
7. a mark made by or as by a pen or similar marking tool
8. a beat of the heart
9. a gentle, caressing motion with the hand
10. [pl.] Informal praise, flattery, etc. offered to reassure, influence, persuade, etc.
11. Golf a scoring unit used to record each time the ball is hit with the head of a club
12. Mech. any of a series of continuous, often reciprocating, movements; specif., a single movement of a piston from one end of its range to the other, constituting a half revolution of the engine
13. Rowing
a) the rower who sits nearest the stern and sets the rate of rowing for the others
b) the position occupied by this rower
stroked, stroking [ME stroken < OE stracian, akin to strican: see STRIKE]
1. to draw one's hand, a tool, etc. gently over the surface of, as in caressing or smoothing
2. to mark with strokes or draw a line through: often with out
3. to hit; esp., to hit (a ball) in playing tennis, golf, pool, etc.
4. to set the rate of rowing for (a crew) or for the crew of (a boat)
5. Informal to flatter, pay special attention to, etc. in an effort to influence, reassure, persuade, etc.
6. Slang to masturbate: said of a man
1. to hit a ball in playing tennis, golf, etc.
2. to act as stroke (for) in rowing
Slang of or for masturbating [a stroke book]
keep stroke
to make strokes in rhythm

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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